About Us

Glow Beauty Cosmetics was founded in 2018 with the concept of bringing high quality products in the beauty industry at affordable prices. It all started with our first product launch, the ‘Glow Highlighter’. Its amazing response gave us the jolting-push we needed into making more gorgeous products come to life.

Our cosmetics are 100% halal, cruelty-free and sourced from the best ingredients. We put our heart and soul into testing and R&D. When we release a product into the market, rest assured that you are getting the best for your money’s worth.



Glow Beauty, targets not only women who are newbies at makeup, but also those who consider themselves professionals. With a beauty line that is described as diverse and affordable, our main goal is to bring quality products into our local makeup industry, whilst staying true to our roots. Each product is uniquely customized to work on Asian skins especially bearing in mind our changing weather. We strive to create products that are at par with International makeup brands. Use our products and have pride in the fact that you’ve used an amazing quality Pakistani Brand.

Brand Philosophy


At Glow Beauty, we take the matter of creating our products very seriously. From designing its packaging to product performance, everything we do, we always have our customers best interests at heart. Each product is the embodiment of traditional art and beauty, just like ‘you’. We truly believe that everyone is beautiful, just add a bit of ’Glow’ into your beautiful lives.