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Our highlighter consists of a unique combination of pressed pearls and shimmer giving that intense shine even with the slightest of applications.

Our Glow highlighter is guaranteed to step up your shine game. Available in 9 unique shades to give you that blinding effect. Suitable for Asian skin tones. Get your #glowgame on!

For our all-time-favorite blinding highlight, dab the highlighter on to the high points of your face with your fingertips. Blend it out with a fan brush for a seamless finish.

For an ultra-shine highlighter effect, spray your face with a setting spray (while your face is wet) apply the highlighter directly with a brush on to the high points. Keep blending till seamless.

For a sheer effect, use very little highlighter directly onto the brush and blend onto the high points of your face.

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Dazzle, Freaking, Glow Girl, Gold Dust, Jewel, Miss Rose, Moon Light, Peachy Cheeks, Sunkissed


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